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Privacy Policy

Part 1 – Our Privacy Policy Aims

Privacy is important to everyone including us. Our Privacy Policy has been prepared to communicate with customers how we collect, use and store your personal information.

Our privacy policy aims to –

  1. comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”);
  2. Allow the customer if required to access their personal information collected and/or modify/withdraw this information
  3. Communicate how Forme Ceramics might use this information collected
  4. Only collect information required in order to fulfil the transaction between Forme Ceramics and the customer
  5. Ensure that we manage your personal information openly and transparently;
  6. Communicate Forme Ceramics need to disclose the information collected to anyone else (including OS) and under what situations this might occur;
  7. Ensuring we keep personal info secure
  8. Respond in a timely manner to any requests to discontinue direct marketing communications;

This Privacy Policy applies to the data collected by Tucosi Pty Ltd T/As Forme Ceramics in the transactions undertaken on website during sale of Forme Ceramics products. By purchasing Forme Ceramics tile products you as a customer consent to the collection, use and storage of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This can be changed at any time by contacting us.

Part 2 – Information collected

Forme Ceramics collects information from you and your interactions on the Forme Ceramics website. Your name, address. Telephone number, email address and any other information obtained during transactions whilst on the Forme Ceramics website incorporate the personal information Forme Ceramics Pty Ltd collect.

Part 3 – Direct Digital Marketing

Forme Ceramics may use the personal information noted above to communicate with you through email and other means available regarding Forme Ceramics products and sales promotions.

This again is something which can be changed at any time by requesting no marketing materials to be sent.

Part 4 – Other important information

This site may also collect Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. IP addresses are assigned to computers on the internet to uniquely identify them within the global network. The Proprietor collects and manages IP addresses as part of the service of providing internet session management and for security purposes. The Proprietor may also collect and use web log, computer and connection information for security purposes and to help prevent and detect any misuse of, or fraudulent activities involving, this site.

Forme Ceramics will not rent or sell your information to any third party.

Part 5- Customer accessing their own information

Absolutely – yes. You may access your personal information or seek correction of such information by contacting Forme Ceramics.

Part 6 – Security

We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that your personal information is kept secure and take reasonable steps to protect it from loss, unauthorised access and disclosure.

Part 7 – Amendments to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time at the discretion of Forme Ceramics.

Part 8 – How can a customer make a privacy complaint

If you have a concern about your privacy, you can make a complaint. Once complaint is received Forme Ceramics will address that issue and respond in a timely manner.

To lodge a complaint, please email


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